A Personal Website

Why do I need a website? Isn't that what Social Media like Facebook and Google+ are for??

A personal website accomplishes a couple tasks that Social Media cannot do on its own. It provides you with a creative outlet to really let your personality shine through from the first moment they see you online. It also makes it easier to consolidate all of your information, blogs and trackers onto one location. Using a website as the basic communication hub and then utilizing Social Media as medium to spread the word about your website.

A personal professional website can be built many different ways. You can hire a programmer to build everything from scratch and a designer to work with the programmer to give you the final product. Alternatively you can use an open source CMS software, or a program that lets you build the website in the style of "What You See Is What You Get" or WYSIWYG for short. There are advantages and disadvantages for both styles of website creation.

My personal recommendation for most people is to use an open source CMS software that is installed onto your website. There is a large degree of personalization available and you have the freedom to easily access, update and modify it.

A couple of the basic pages I would include in a WYSIWYG style website.

  • Home Page / About Page
  • Contact Page

A couple of the basic pages I would include in a CMS based website.

  • Home Page
  • About Me
  • Contact Form
  • Blog or News

I will design the look and feel, build the necessary components that you need and all you need to do is show me how you want them to fit them together. Your website will then be exactly that; YOUR website.


WYSIWYG Designs start at $399

CMS Designs start at $599

Call for information on websites built from scratch. (619) 438-0368